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link to the construction page for my own easy access - check it out for behind-the-scenes, I guess!

Not Really an Update ~ 2-28-21

Hello internet, if anyoen's reading this! I've basically just been fiddling around with the styles so I can make one that's a little more modern and easier on the eyes. The "in progress style" is probably the easiest one to use right now - I'm unintentionally breaking things in the old ones and not prioritizing fixing them yet, haha. Probably will eventually though!

It STILL exists! ~ 6-5-20

The only reason this update exists is so that I have a record of how long it's been since I last felt inspired to fiddle around with this site. Yay!

Woah! An update! ~ 12-30-17

After what looks like about six years of inactivity, AMC has been returned to the web, woah. (Actually, I did this on December 26th, in case I want to know for, like. Anniversary purposes.)

So a TON of things are out-of-date here, which is what happens when you don't touch a website in six years. I'm striking some things from the menu and taking others down for revision, and in case you're interested, I think I'm going to rely on this page as kind of a home base for what I'm changing, or something.

Hello again, internet.

Past Updates

Artwork ~ 12-15-11

I added an art gallery with just some random stuff. Enjoy =D

Another small update, but I gotta start somewhere! ~ 12-14-11

There is a new banner up on the banners page (which is new). I remade an old banner and I plan on redoing some more, and I'll put my results on that page. Hope you like them!

Oh hey woah I did something! ~ 12-11-11

...but it was a next-to-microscopic something. xD; There are two new avatars on the free graphics page; they're not really new because I made them a while ago, but they're up there now for you to use. =D

Aaaand that's all I've got for now. Update your links, people!

Who decided naming updates was a good idea? I can never come up with good ones... ~ 7-12-11

I've been touching pages up around the site, like My Sprites and the TCG Video Game page. I've probably modified a couple of others, but there shouldn't be any significant changes on them that you'd notice. Just a little housekeeping!

The Battle Stadium is updated again, this time with not one, but two new pairs of Pokémon. =D I figured since I'm not updating it as much, it would be more fun to have multiple pairs to vote on.

And, if you especially love voting, there is a poll beneath this update! You should vote in it. =)

Edit: I revamped the GSC TM and HM page to actually contain more useful locations. =D Hope it helps somebody. I also have a few more page/revamps ideas, so hopefully those come soon.

New page ~ 7-11-11

There's a new page for the TCG video game that contains some deck lists that I've made during the course of my game. Soon I'll add some actual writing to it, like recommendations and other "how to use this deck" type things. But I thought I'd put it up for now.

Other stuff in progress and hopefully coming soon! Thanks for sticking around =)

Still alive! ~ 6-26-11

I touched up the page of fake Pokémon that I said I would. There isn't much new, but there is a little bit more information. I also updated the Battle Stadium.

As I page through AMC, I'm realizing a lot of the pages are woefully uninformative and a lot less interesting than they could be. It will take some time, but I hope to update much of this soon.

Fake Pokémon ~ 5-3-11

Two exams down and two more to go. I have one tomorrow morning and Thursday morning, and then I'll have significantly more free time! =D

In the meantime, I put up a page of fake Pokémon. The page will be touched up very soon, but it's good enough to post so here it is!

Sprite Gallery ~ 5-2-11

I put up a gallery of my sprites for you to look at. I don't really sprite anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't still put them up, right? So that's new.

That's it. Almost done with exams, and then I may have more time to do things here. =3

Style adjustments ~ 4-23-11

I put Mysterious Seas style back up; I took it down a long time ago and just now realized that there really wasn't anything wrong with it, so I adjusted the few things it was lacking and put it back up. Hope you like it. Feel free to post feedback and future style suggestions in the cbox. =]

I made the font one point bigger on Firefly's Rainbow and Holiday Birds style. Thought it would look nicer. Again, let me know what you think in the cbox. I'm pretty open to style suggestions!

Small things again ~ 4-22-11

Sorry for the lack of more interesting updates. The Battle Stadium has a new pair for you to go and vote for. I also tweaked the appearance of the links on Firefly's Rainbow style and may do so to other styles yet as well.

We have a new affiliate, Stray. It is a fanfiction created in a role-playing style and it is pretty cool. Go check it out!

Little updates ~ 3-24-11

A few little updates; I updated the Type Combos page to include the English names for the Generation V Pokémon, added Black and White sprites to the Official Sprites page, and gave the Battle Stadium a far-overdue update. Go vote for whichever Pokémon you like better!

Well, that's all for now. I have a few more little maintenance-type things to do here; those will probably be up within a few days.

Welcome back to Absol's Moonlit Cave! ~ 3-23-11

Hey everyone! If you're new here, welcome! If you were here before I closed the site, welcome back!

As you can see, I've decided to reopen AMC. Unfortunately, updates are going to be much less frequent. I'm still incredibly busy and I guarantee that I will lose motivation for the site every once in a while, but somehow my motivation and my interest always comes back in random intervals, and I want the site to be open for when that happens.

There's a number of pages down right now, either for revision or because they're new and unfinished. I planned on waiting until they were done to reopen AMC, but that would have taken far too long, so I decided to officially reopen AMC anyway.

So on to the interesting stuff...

What's new?

  • Prehistoric Waters style. At least, I don't think this one was up before I closed the site.
  • Golden Sandstorm style. It took me a lot of work to get this one to work right; thank you to the people at TCoDF who helped me get it figured out!
  • RSE Version Exclusives/Unobtainables. Not the most exciting thing ever, but I can never really find ones listing all three versions and what Pokémon aren't available in those games at all. So hopefully someone finds it a little useful.

What's improved?

  • Tables. I finally went through and formatted them all for each style; they look much, much prettier now. <3
  • Styles. You probably won't notice anything drastically different; the most noticeable difference is in the Holiday Birds style, where I fixed the right menu hover-over effects to actually span the entire menu width instead of just part of it.

What's updated?

  • RSE Berry Guide. Instead of just listing all the berries, I added some more useful information to it. This is something I hope to do with many of AMC's gaming guides - add more useful, interesting information rather than just the basic information.
  • Type Combinations. I added the Gen V Pokémon.
  • Free Graphics. I have a few new ones up there; I'm going to try and start making some more original things for your use, too.
  • About and Contact Me. It just needed an update.
  • Affiliate and Link. Nothing much else to be said there.

What's under revision?

What's coming?

  • Pokémon sheet music
  • Ask a Gaming Question
  • Fakemon

So there's not an excessive amount that's changed. But I missed AMC, so here it is. =) I won't be updating as frequently as I used to, but AMC will still be here, and I will occasionally update, I'm sure. Enjoy the site!


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