About Absol's Moonlit Cave

AMC has been a little internet project since January 31st, 2006. My original goals were to create interesting and useful content for the first three generations of Pokemon games, and with the addition of a few things here and there, the purpose has largely remained the same. Now that there's four more generations of games out and more coming every day, the content on this website is a little out of date, but hopefully someone out there still likes the original games and will find this useful!

My next goals with the site are to modernize the layouts and the writing, and probably adding new content to reflect the parts of the Pokemon world that I enjoy most today.


AMC began as a Freewebs website on January 31st, 2006. It was generic, poorly written, and constructed with table layouts, but it was my first actual, flying attempt at a Pokémon website. All of my other attempts at websites were fleeting and never left my computer. AMC was originally to be called Fire and Water Cave, but this name never made it past a primitive banner.

A random tidbit about the early AMC: before I switched to a brighter, fire-themed layout, Freewebs AMC's layouts were all gray. Nostalgic Legends style refers not only to nostalgia for the old Pokémon games, but also to nostalgia for AMC's old, all-gray layouts.

Eventually, as I added more content and redid the layout, I decided that the site was too unorganized and inconsistent. I found a new host, Eevee's Headquarters, and began to revamp the site. Although it took me about three months of laziness to re-open the site, AMC reopened on November 18th, 2006, with a table layout that supported a styleswitcher. I was immensely proud of this layout and the refreshed AMC, but it wouldn't last very long.

Around April and May of 2007, I began to tire of the styleswitching table layout that I had. Construction then began for AMC's first DIV layout went slowly and difficultly at first, because I kept trying to format AMC's old layout from a table one to a DIV one. Once I decided to start a fresh, new layout, the going became much easier. After a while, with some help from members of TCoD forums, my hard work paid off, resulting in the Firefly's Rainbow layout.

When the site was three years old, I began losing interest. Life was hectic and I had bigger things that I wanted to do. I closed AMC, but I kept looking at it from time to time. I collected random ideas for pages about various games and I worked on a few layout ideas.

Once I was sure I wanted to reopen AMC, AMC found a new home, thanks to Altered Origin. Thanks, Kratos! In November of 2010, I began reconstruction work on AMC, and finally in March of 2011, I reopened AMC.

That incarnation of AMC lasted for about a year, and I stopped working on it as I went off to college. I'm back in the real world now with a little bit of freetime, and decided to throw AMC back up on the web on December 26th, 2017. We'll see where I take it from here, I suppose!

Disclaimer and Credits

Pokémon is (c) Nintendo. I do not own and did not create it. All content, images, and layouts on this site are copyright Sandstone-Shadow / qyuarkrien unless otherwise stated. Please see the Credits page for layout credits. This is simply a fan site.