Affiliate and Link to AMC

Want to put a fancy link to AMC on your website? You're in the right place! Want to put a fancy link to AMC on your site, in exchange for a fancy link to yours on mine? You're also in the right place!

Affiliation is mutual. If you want to say that AMC is your affiliate, you have to ask me and I have to accept before you do so. You can't list AMC as an affiliate without my prior approval; that's just how affiliation works. So, here are a list of guidelines for your convenience.

If you just want to put a link to my site somewhere, you don't need my permission for that (as long as the link isn't in an "affiliates" section). Then scroll down and grab a button!

Affiliation Guidelines

Bottom line, to affiliate with AMC, I have to like your site. These are guidelines for what I like and dislike.

Think you'd be a good fit? Then contact me with a link to your website and we'll talk!

What I like to see in a website...

  • A nice layout. It should be easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye, and above all, it should show that effort was put into it.

  • Well-written content. A page should contain more than a paragraph of information. Expand on your topic and break it into several paragraphs, bring up interesting details and thoroughly explain how to do something. Do not assume your reader knows what you're talking about.

  • Original content. Whether it be a guide no one's bothered to write before, a game that no one's thought of, or even a review that reflects your own opinion, I love original things that can't be found elsewhere. Think outside the box! What can you do to your site that no one else has done?

  • Effort. This is the number one thing. If your website shows me that you've put a lot of effort into it, that's a huge plus. Your best effort makes all the difference.

What I don't like to see in a website...

  • Stolen content. Content, images, layouts, anything - if you didn't create it and you did not get permission to use it, it should not be on your website. This includes using free images without giving credit (the kind where the artist specifically requests credit be given). If you have any of this on your website, you'll have to correct the problem before I consider affiliating with you.

  • Excessive chatspeak, spelling errors, and grammar errors.

  • A majority of generic content. This includes sections about the games with only a paragraph of general information about that particular game, like that it has new Pokémon and a new region. If it's something that you can easily find on a number of other websites, it's not really necessary on yours, too.

  • Extreme inactivity. I don't expect incredibly frequent updates, but I do expect an update at least every few months.

Link To AMC

If you were accepted for affiliation or just want to link to AMC, go ahead and grab one of the buttons from below. Please upload them to your own server, and link them back to Thanks!

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Outline for 88x31 Nidoking button by Eevee-chan
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