Instead of cramming all of the layout credits in the disclaimer, I'm putting them here on their own page so these people can receive proper credit. Most of these credits are for materials used in the layouts, but some are also for materials used in free avatars. Thank you to everyone!

Thank You

Thank you to The Cave of Dragonflies forums and its members for helping me on numerous occasions with coding problems. Thank you, also, to the members there (and anyone else) who's given AMC feedback and advice. All of your help is much appreciated!

And thank you to the numerous websites that have motivated me to move forward with AMC and continually make it better and stronger. This goes out to the astounding websites that have served as role models, the horrendous websites that have encouraged me to do better, and the ones in between that have done some of both. Granted, without actual website names this won't mean much to anyone, but thank you!

A few final things: thank you to Butterfree for maintaining a website that has been a constant motivation and thank you to Phoenixsong for hosting AMC.

Disclaimer and Credits

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