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In the region of Orre, there are several facilities set up for battling. Each trainer uses two Pokémon at a time. If you can defeat four trainers in a row, you'll earn a cash prize and a TM. Unlike the Battle Tower, Battle Frontier, and other battling facilities in other games, your Pokémon do gain experience from this, so it's a good way to level up. Your Pokémon are completely healed between battles.

Phenac Stadium

Trainer One: Guy Harl
Goldeen: 40 (Female)
Wurple: 40 (Male)

Trainer Two: Lady Brin
Bagon: 40 (Male)
Swablu: 40 (Female)

Trainer Three: Cooltrainer Tock
Barboach: 41 (Male)
Seedot: 41 (Female)

Trainer Four: Teacher Glais
Staryu: 41 (No Gender)
Ledyba: 41 (Female)
Pichu: 42 (Male)

Pyrite Colosseum

Trainer One: Roller Boy Azal
Teddiursa: 50 (Male)
Linoone: 51 (Male)

Trainer Two: Rider Trona
Delcatty: 52 (Female)
Jigglypuff: 51 (Female)

Trainer Three: Bodybuilder Becher
Doduo: 52 (Male)
Loudred: 51 (Male)
Furret: 53 (Female)

Trainer Four: Chaser Zime
Vigoroth: 52 (Female)
Koffing: 53 (Female)
Combusken: 55 (Male)
Swellow: 54 (Female)

The Under Colosseum

Trainer One: Hunter Korm
Clamperl: 55 (Male)
Lombre: 58 (Male)
Qwilfish: 55 (Female)

Trainer Two: Rider Hesle
Sealeo: 55 (Female)
Seadra: 58 (Male)
Vigoroth: 58 (Male)

Trainer Three: Bodybuilder Haman
Azumarill: 58 (Male)
Kirlia: 57 (Male)
Pelipper: 58 (Male)
Noctowl: 58 (Female)

Trainer Four: St. Performer Kreble
Gorebyss: 57 (Female)
Kecleon: 58 (Male)
Vileplume: 58 (Female)
Sharpedo: 57 (Male)

Trainer One:
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Trainer Two:
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Trainer Three:
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Trainer Four:
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