Fixing that CuteNews Error

Have you just installed CuteNews on your site? Everything's working fine, but then you get to the comments, and, BOOM. You see this...

Warning: Division by zero in cutenews/inc/ on line 469

...repeating about 7 times down the page. Irritating, right? But guess what? It's really easy to fix! Here's how.

Find a file called in your CuteNews folder. You can follow the address in the warning if you have to. Then, replace the code on line 469 with if($break_location and $i%$break_location == 0). And that will take care of the problem! Your only mission is to find line 469... xDD;;

You might hear another method of solving this problem, and that involves switching a code to show no error reports. Though it may seem easier, it's actually not fixing the problem at all; it's only hiding the error report. Doing it this way will also hide any other error reports that may occur, so if there's a problem, chances are you might not know about it.

Hope this guide helps! *shot for horrible conclusion*

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