Fake Pokémon

So over the years I have put together various fake Pokémon. Most of them have very little information other than a picture and a type - many of them don't even have names, unfortunately. But this is what I have so far; if you particularly like any of them and would like me to do more with them, feel free to (actually, please do) bug me to do so in the cbox. All I probably need is some friendly peer pressure to get it done.

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As with my sprites, these Pokémon are created by me and are not for your use. I don't want to see anything from this page anywhere that I didn't put it, okay? Thanks!

Ampefin -- Electric Dolphin Pokémon

Additional images:
Newer sketch - Older sketch

Ampefin live in the same waters as Plethorn do, but swim much closer to the surface than their silent rivals. Ampefin are very playful, affectionate Pokémon, and enjoy jumping out of the waves for humans. By the villagers near the lake, Ampefin are highly respected and loved.

Ampefin's Electrical moves give them an advantages over Plethorn, but their way of communication does not. Communicating with chirps, soundwaves, and flashes of light, they are easily seen and heard by Plethorn. Plethorn attacks are often unsensed until it is too late to get away.

Its name comes from "ampere," a measure of electric current, and "fin."

Plethorn -- Pokémon

Additional images:
Old sketch

Plethorn live and swim deep underwater, where the darkness muffles everything. Their dark brown scales match well with the muddied rocks, and the spines on its fins and back blend it into the rocky texture of the sea floor. Using this to its advantage, it can creep up on unsuspecting Ampefin. Ampefin's Electrical attacks are very harmful to Plethorn, but Plethorn are strong Pokémon, resulting in a usually even match.

In the towns nearby the lakes, Plethorn are often despised and seen as horrible monsters that live in mud. But in actuality, Plethorn are very strong and brave.

Its name is a variation of "thorn."

Telekeet -- Telepathic Pokémon

Its name comes from "telepathic" and "parakeet."

Psykatiel -- Psychic Pokémon

Its name comes from "psychic" and "cockatiel."

Divinecaw -- Divination Pokémon

Its name comes from "divination" and "macaw."

Cateel -- Cat Armor Pokémon

Cateel lives alone. It seems to mourn something, but no one has ever been able to figure out what. It never removes its armor; some of it may in fact be a living part of its body.

Its name comes from "cat" and "steel."

Toxitty -- Hissing Pokémon

Its name comes from "toxic" and "kitty."

Toxiger -- Malevolent Pokémon

Its name comes from "toxic" and "tiger."

Jemenous -- Pokémon

Additional images:
Old Sketch

Jemenous is a clever, ill-tempered Pokémon. It can be devious and mean, and often enlists others to do work it does not want to.

Its name comes from "gem" and "venemous."

Jemenign -- Pokémon

Where Jemenous is a mean-spirited, devious Pokémon, Jemenign is calm and tranquil. Trainers who have raised them report that they help others whenever they can, and often bear an apologetic attitude, perhaps because of their behavior as a Jemenous.

Its name comes from "gem" and "benign."

Griffire -- Pokémon

Its name comes from "griffin" and "fire."

[Wind Dog] -- Pokémon

[Wind Dog evo] -- Pokémon

Additional images:
Newer Sketch - Older Sketch

[Crooked Bird] -- Pokémon

[Random Bird] -- Pokémon

Abamor (Absol evo) -- Pokémon

Since the name "Absol" could originate from "ab" meaning "absence" and "sol" representing "sun," "Abamor" originates from "ab" and "amor," meaning "love" in Spanish. Pronounced "uh-BOMB-or."

Iciclatter -- Pokémon

Iciclatter is an elusive Pokémon. Few have ever seen it, or lived to tell the tale.

Its name comes from "icicle" and "clatter," because the icicles hanging from its arms produce a tingling or clattering sound when it moves.

[Ghost Bat] -- Pokémon

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