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One of the new features in Gold, Silver, and Crystal is the addition of Apricorns. Apricorns can be found growing in bushes in various locations across Johto. Once you collect Apricorns, you can take them to Kurt in Azalea Town, and he will make them into PokéBalls for you. Each PokéBall is customized to work well for certain types of Pokémon. The table below shows which Apricorns make which PokéBalls and where they are found.

ApricornLocationPokéBallPokéBall Description
White ApricornAzalea TownFast BallCatches fast Pokémon better
Blue ApricornRoute 37Lure BallCatches Pokémon hooked on a Rod better
Red ApricornRoute 37Level BallGood for Pokémon with a lower level than yours
Black ApricornRoute 37Heavy BallCatches heavy Pokémon better
Pink ApricornRoute 42Love BallGood for Pokémon of the opposite gender
Green ApricornRoute 42Friend BallMakes caught Pokémon friendlier
Yellow ApricornRoute 42Moon BallBetter against Pokémon that evolve with a Moon Stone.
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