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Berries are a new addition to the Pokémon games, starting in GSC. (The system was later revamped in RSE.) The berry trees that these berries are found on are in a fixed location, and each tree will give out one berry per day. Many berries can also be obtained from a wild Pokémon's hold item or can be given to you by other people. Below is a list of the berries available in GSC, their locations, and effects. If you give a Pokémon a berry to hold, it will use it automatically in battle.

If you give a Shuckle a Berry to hold, after a while, the Berry will turn into Berry Juice. Berry Juice heals 20 HP instead of 10 HP.

BerryHeals 10 HPNational Park (prize)/Routes 29, 30, 38, 46, 11/Gift/Trade/Wild Pokémon
Bitter BerryCures confused PokémonBlackthorn City/Routes 31, 43, 1/Gift/Wild Pokémon
Burnt BerryThaws frozen PokémonRoute 44/Fuchsia City/Pewter City/Gift/Trade/Wild Pokémon
Gold BerryHeals 30 HPNational Park (prize)/Gift/Trade
Ice BerryHeals burned PokémonPewter City/Routes 36, 26/Gift/Trade/Wild Pokémon
Mint BerryWakes sleeping PokémonRoute 39/Pewter City/Gift
Miracle BerryHeals any status conditionGift
Mystery BerryHeals PPRoutes 35, 45/Trade
Paralyzecure BerryCures paralyzed PokémonViolet City/Routes 46, 8/Gift
Poisoncure BerryCures poisoned PokémonRoutes 2, 30, 33/Gift
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