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The Day Siblings appear across Johto in various locations. They'll appear after you receive your first badge in Violet City, and only on their corresponding days. Each sibling has a gift for you the first time you meet them. Quite generous, really; they're giving away relatively rare items to a complete stranger! =D

On Route 27 in Kanto, you can find the Day Siblings' house. (It's ridiculously tiny, though. One room for seven children? xD) There's a book on the table; it tells you where and when each Sibling will appear.


Monica is the oldest Day Sibling. She waits on Route 40, next to the three Rock Smash-able boulders. She'll give you the Flying attack powerup Sharp Beak.


Tuscany appears on Route 29. She's in the middle of the route, standing on the first ledge that you can walk onto when you're coming from the New Bark Town side. When you meet her, she'll give you a Pink Bow, which boosts the power of Normal type attacks.


If you visit the Lake of Rage on a Wednesday, you may run into Wesley. Wesley waits in the forests on the opposite side of the lake. You'll need Cut to get to him. He will give you a gift, a powerup that raises Fighting's power, Blackbelt.


Arthur of Thursday will present you with a Hard Stone, an item that raises the power of Rock attacks. He waits on Route 36, just outside of Violet City and slightly north of the Ruins of Alph.


On a Friday on Route 32, Frieda will be lurking in the trees north of the Pokémon Center at the end of the route. She will give you a Poison Barb, which raises the power of Poison type attacks.


On Saturday, Santos will appear in Blackthorn City on a ledge south of the Gym. If you talk to him, he will give you an item that raises the power of Ghost attacks, Spell Tag.


Sunny, the youngest Day Sibling, will give you a Magnet that powers up Electric attacks. He is on Route 37, next to the three Apricorn bushes.

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