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The Dragon's Den is a cave located near Blackthorn City. It isn't very big, but you can find the rare Dragon types Dratini and Dragonair. You'll also find plenty of Magikarp. There's a shrine dedicated to Dragon Pokémon in the center, as well.

After you defeat Clair, she will ask you to retrieve the Dragon Fang from this cave. You'll need a Pokémon with Surf and Whirlpool to get to it. When you pick it up, Clair will give you the Rising Badge and TM 24, Dragonbreath.

After you've defeated your rival in Mount Moon, he will retreat to the Dragon's Den to train. If you come to the Den on Tuesday or Thursday, you can see him there.

Crystal - Extremespeed Dratini

In Crystal, the shrine in the center of the cave is actually a house. If you enter, you'll find a person that will ask you several questions, and reward you with a prize at the end. The questions are:

1) What are your Pokémon to you? Pal, Underling, Friend
2) What helps you to win battles? Strategy, Raising, Cheating
3) What kind of trainers do you wish to battle? Weak Person, Tough Person, Anybody
4) What is the most important thing for raising Pokémon? Love, Violence, Knowledge
5) Strong Pokémon, weak Pokémon. Which is more important? Tough, Both, Weak

Afterwards, you will receive a level 15 Dratini regardless of your answers. However, if you answered without any italizied answers, the Dratini you receive will know the move Extremespeed. =D

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