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The Pokégear is a neat little tool that you receive in the beginning of Gold, Silver, and Crystal. This gadget has a variety of functions.

The Clock

The clock feature is one of the brand new features in the GSC games. You can set the time to match your time, or if you choose, a different time. Depending on the time, different Pokémon will appear and different events will occur. Unlike some games, the clock runs at the same time as real life.

The Calendar

The calendar on the Pokégear isn't quite an actual calendar, but simply the day of the week. Different events are held on certain days of the week.

The Map

The Pokégear's map is not accessible right away. You first need the Map Card, which is obtained by letting the old man in Cherrygrove City show you around. He'll give it to you for keeping him company. The map shows your location as well as the location of cites and important landmarks. The Pokédex's map shows where you can find Pokémon.

The Phone

The phone is one of the Pokégear's most useful features. Some people, after you talk to them or battle them, will ask for your phone number. There's really no number at all, though. If you give that person your "number", they will be added to your phone's list. The other person will occasionally call you, sometimes just to talk, sometimes to battle, or, in Crystal, to give you an item or information of some sort. Certain trainers will also tell you when rare Pokémon are common in an area. Your phone can hold a total of 10 phone numbers.

The Radio

The Pokégear's radio isn't accessible right away. You first need the Radio Card from Goldenrod City. The radio plays several different programs, some only on certain days of the week. There is also the Lucky Channel show, where you can win prizes if your Pokémon have the right ID number. In Crystal, Buena's Password is aired at night. If you listen, you can go to Buena in Goldenrod City and tell her the password. If you answer correctly, you will receive points that can be traded in for items.

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