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TMs are a device that you can use to teach your Pokémon a new move. You can only use these items once, though, so use them wisely. Some are rarer than others, as well.

One thing that's slightly annoying about the TMs and HMs in Red, Blue, and Yellow is the game doesn't list the attack as a part of the item's name. So in order to figure out what attack it is, unless you have a guide, you need to start using it (but you can still cancel at that point). Just a minor inconvenience.

#TM NameLocationPrice
1Mega PunchMt. Moon/Celadon City3000
2Razor WindCeladon City/Game Corner2000
3Swords DanceSaffron City---
4WhirlwindRoute 4---
5Mega KickVictory Road/Celadon City3000
6ToxicFuchsia City---
7Horn DrillCeladon City2000 coins
8Body SlamVermillion City---
9Take DownSaffron City/Celadon City3000
10Double EdgeCeladon City---
11BubblebeamCerulean City---
12Water GunMt. Moon---
13Ice BeamCeladon City---
14BlizzardCinnabar Island---
15Hyper BeamCeladon City---
16Pay DayRoute 12---
17SubmissionVictory Road/Celadon City3000
18CounterCeladon City---
19Seismic TossRoute 25---
20RageRoute 15---
21Mega DrainCeladon City---
22SolarbeamCinnabar Island---
23Dragon RageCeladon City---
24ThunderboltVermillion City---
25ThunderPower Plant---
26EarthquakeSaffron City---
27FissureViridian City---
28DigCerulean City---
29PsychicSaffron City---
30TeleportRoute 9---
31MimicSaffron City---
32Double TeamFuchsia City/Celadon City1000
33ReflectPower Plant/Celadon City1000
34BidePewter City---
35MetronomeCinnabar Island---
36Self DestructSaffron City---
37Egg BombFuchsia City/Celadon City2000
38Fire BlastCinnabar Island---
39SwiftRoute 12---
40Skull BashSafari Zone---
41SoftboiledCeladon City---
42Dream EaterViridian City---
43Sky AttackVictory Road---
44RestVermillion City---
45Thunder WaveRoute 24---
46PsywaveSaffron City---
47ExplosionVictory Road---
48Rock SlideCeladon City---
49Tri AttackCeladon City---
50SubstituteCeladon City---

HMs are a little different than TMs. There's not nearly as many in the game, and you can only get one. However, you can use them however many times you want. When you teach a Pok?on an HM move, though, it cannot forget it. These HMs each have a certain field effect that you can use if you've beaten the right gym leader.

#NameLocationField Effect
1CutVermillion CityCuts down small bushes
2FlyRoute 16Takes you to a previously visited city
3SurfSafari ZoneAllows you to surf on water
4StrengthFuchsia CityMoves small boulders out of the way
5FlashRoute 2Lights up dark areas
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