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Ruby and Sapphire: Berry Glitch Fix

About 200 hours into every Ruby or Sapphire game, a strange thing will begin to occur. Any berries you plant will take forever to grow, but they're really not growing at all. The couple on Route 123 will refuse to give you berries, even if it's been ages since they've given you some. Until you fix it, your berries will not grow, and the couple will not give you any more.

There are two ways to fix this glitch. The first is to download Jirachi from a Pokémon Colosseum Bonus Disc onto your game. The other method will require two Gameboy Advanced's (or one and a Gamecube with a controller and the Gameboy Player), a link cable, and a Fire Red or Leaf Green game cartridge. Obviously, you'll need the game that needs fixing, too.

First, connect the two systems with the link cable. Turn on the system with Fire Red or Leaf Green and hold Select and B once you're on the title screen. (X works instead of Select on the Gameboy Player.) The game will show you several screens with different instructions, such as plugging in the games and turning them on. When it tells you to, turn on the system with Ruby or Sapphire while holding Start and Select. The game will tell you it's updating the program. After it has finished, turn the game off and unplug the cable. If you've done this correctly, your game is fixed forever, and your berries will grow once more.

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