Tips and Tricks

Need a new trick or strategy for battling? You might just find what you're looking for here.

Move Combinations: Your Pokémon's Own Moves

Note: The attack listed first must be used first in order for the effects to work.

  • Rain Dance and Thunder: Thunder gains 100% accuracy. (It loses accuracy in Sunny Day.)
  • Sunny Day and Solar Beam: Solar Beam doesn't need an extra turn to charge. (It loses power in Rain Dance and Sandstorm.)
  • Sunny Day and Morning Sun/Synthesis/Moonlight: Healing powers are increased. (They lose power in Rain Dance, Hail, and Sandstorm.)
  • Hail and Blizzard: Blizzard gains 100% accuracy.
  • Defense Curl and Rollout/Ice Ball: Inflicts double damage.

Move Combinations: If the Opponent Just Used...

  • Minimize, then Stomp inflicts double damage.
  • Fly, then Thunder, Gust, and Twister inflict double damage.
  • Fly, then Whirlwind and Sky Uppercut can still hit.
  • Dig, then Earthquake and Magnitude inflict double damage.
  • Dig, then Fissure can still hit.
  • Dive, then Water Pulse, Surf, and Whirlpool can still hit.
  • Bounce, then Thunder and Gust inflict double damage.
  • Bounce, then Twister and Whirlwind can still hit.

Moves and Items

  • Give a Pokémon that knows Rest a Chesto Berry (or Mint Berry in GSC) to wake up immediately after healing.
  • Give a Pokémon that knows Thrash, Outrage, or Petal Dance a Persim Berry (or Bitter Berry in GSC) to prevent Confusion at the end of the move.
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