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After you defeat the Elite Four in Emerald, you unlock a whole new place filled with many new challenges and styles of battling. This place is called the Battle Frontier. Right now, this guide isn't very indepth, but give it time, and it will become better.

Battle Factory

The Battle Factory will test your knowledge. You cannot use your own Pokémon, instead, you use rental ones. You are offered six Pokémon and you may choose three of them. There are two levels, 50 and open level, and both single and double battles.

Before each battle, your guide will tell you a little bit about the trainer you are about to face. If you win the battle, you have the opportunity to swap one of your Pokémon for one of your opponent's. You can view the stats of your Pokémon, but not your opponent's. There are seven battles in all.

I personally like this one, because you don't need to train at all. You just need your knowledge of Pokémon.

Battle Pike

This challenge tests your luck. You can enter in two levels, level 50 or open level. The opponent's Pokémon will have a level to match your Pokémon's highest.

When you enter, there are 3 paths to choose from. A woman will give you a somewhat cryptic clue about one of them. When you enter a room, one of many things will happen. A Pokémon could give you a status condition, a trainer might challenge you, you might walk in an area with wild Pokémon, or you could just find someone to talk to.

Although this challenge weilds very few battle points, you might not battle at all! Good luck!

Battle Tower

Of course, what's a Pokémon game without a Battle Tower? This is the classic battling style we're all used to, with a few twists. All of the battle styles are available in level 50 or open level.

Single battles are just what they seem; one on one battles. You bring 3 Pokémon, and there are a total of 7 trainers to face.

Double battles are the new trend in Hoenn. You use 3 Pokémon, 2 at a time, and fight 7 trainers doing the same.

True double battles are also fought here. You select two of your Pokémon, and enter a room with many trainers. If you talk to them, they'll tell you about the Pokémon they have. They will ask if you want to form a tag team. Once you choose a partner, you will battle 7 tag teams. Every trainer sends out one of their Pokémon for a real double battle.

The last room is the multi battle. Here, you can link up and battle with or against your friends.

Another feature of the Battle Tower is your apprentice. This trainer will ask you questions about Pokémon. He or she will also ask you what kinds of Pokémon they should raise, or the attacks they should learn. Eventually, they will want to battle with you.

These classic contests will give you a good amount of battle points. It's a fun place, and full of solid battling.

Battle Dome

The Battle Dome is a championship-ish contest. You select three Pokémon, and you are given a description based on their moves, stats, and other things. You then face four trainers. A battle tree shows you who is about to face who, who was eliminated, and what Pokémon each trainer is using. You can participate in single or double battles.

I like this style of battling, because you can see who you're up against and who's doing well. It's almost like when Ash was at Indigo Plateau and he logged onto the computer to view information about his opponent. You don't get many battle points, but people talk about you if you win!

Battle Pyramid

The Battle Pyramid will test your courage. The levels are open level and level 50. You cannot take your bag into the pyramid; you are given a battle bag instead.

There are 7 levels of the pyramid. Each level is shrouded in darkness, but as you defeat trainers and wild Pokémon, the room grows brighter. Trainers will also give you hints about how many trainers or items are left, or in which direction the exit is.

The exit is a teleportation tile that takes you to the next floor. After you have completed the floors, you will stand at the top of the pyramid with the sun at your back.

This event really lasts too long for me to be interested in it the whole time, but the sun at the end is just so cool! If you win, all the items you found will be kept in your battle bag for the next time. If you lose, the bag is emptied.

Battle Palace

This is a place with a very interesting style of battle. You choose 3 Pokémon, either level 50 or open level, and fight 7 trainers in either single or double battles.

The twist to this place is the only thing you have control over is the order you send your Pokémon out. Your Pokémon chooses its moves for itself. They choose moves that match their nature; the ones that they are best with. Some Pokémon like to fight, others use status afflicting moves, some might fight when they are hurt, it all depends on their nature. Sometimes they won't be capable of using a certain move.

I really enjoy this style of battling. Once you battle here enough, it feels like a privelege to choose your Pokémon's moves... like your Pokémon trusts you. This is one of my favorite places. In the future, I am going to investigate this area a lot. I'm going to study if the moves Pokémon like are more effective in normal battles.

Battle Arena

Here, battles are short. Level 50 or open level, you battle one on one against 7 trainers.

Battles last a maximum of 3 rounds. If a battle reaches its third round, judges determine the outcome. They will judge you on the amount of damage you inflicted, the offensive moves you used, and the amount of hitpoints you have remaining. The Pokémon with the lowest score is defeated.

This is another very interesting style of battling. When you defeat 7 trainers, you gain a lot of battle points, so it's a good deal!

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