Pages Under Construction

These are the pages that I'm currently working on. You can look at them, but they're messy and incomplete and whatnot. Expect them completed someday. actually, no. no, don't expect them completed someday

Ideas about what to actually do with this website

since I don't really make a lot of Pokemon content anymore and am way behind in terms of usefulness (almost everything is pre-gen 4 hahaha)

  • spend a bunch of time to update all my stuff for gen 7...
  • do more pokemon fan art/fan fic...
  • host my regular blog here? turn this into an actual website for my real life with art store/blog/etc??? but then I would want to possibly take the pokemon stuff off or make it its own website...
  • do ASB stuff?? make reffing calculators???
  • clean up/put up ev training tracking spreadsheet
  • maybe put twitter things on here. and instagram things. for easy access to new posts.
  • maybe rely on google docs??? for stuff that I'm always going to be fiddling with?? maybe make an amc google doc account (I think I already have an email)

Things I want to learn/do

  • Make a layout that's better and more usable for 2018
  • How to fix the table/div backgrounds on Mysterious Seas and Firefly's Rainbow image names are case-sensitive!
  • How to make links (such as affiliates) have images on some layouts, hover-over images on some, and just text on others
  • How to make pictures (like headers for menus and text) have images on some layouts and just colors/text on others
  • How to make dropdown menus/hoverover menus easy!
  • Format dropdowns for all styles
  • make a mobile style?
  • make styles with higher contrast. so much darkgreen-on-mediumgreen and darkblue-on-mediumblue...
  • stop it from flashing dragon's fury when switching pages in another style. darn it, I thought I fixed that once

"Finished" Pages

Creative pages to be revised/updated
Pokemon pages to be revised
Webmaster pages to be revised (or just plain eliminated)

Unfinished Pages

Unfinished Pokémon Related Pages
Unfinished Webmaster/AMC Stuff
Disclaimer and Credits

Pokémon is (c) Nintendo. I do not own and did not create it. All content, images, and layouts on this site are copyright Sandstone-Shadow / qyuarkrien unless otherwise stated. Please see the Credits page for layout credits. This is simply a fan site.