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There are many dungeons in Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue. Many of them aren't really "dungeons" at all; most of them are fields, caves, or seas of some kind. You and your team enter these areas to complete missions, collect items, battle wild Pokémon, and recruit new Pokémon for your team. New dungeons are opened as you progress through the game.

As of now, this chart only shows how many floors are in a dungeon. But more might come eventually.

Dungeon# of Floors
Tiny Woods3
Thunderwave Cave5
Mt. Steel9
Sinister Woods13
Silent Chasm9
Mt. Thunder10+3
Great Canyon12
Lapis Cave12
Mt. Blaze12+3
Frosty Forest9+5
Mt. Freeze15+5
Magma Cavern23+3
Sky Tower25+9
Uproar Forest10
Howling Forest15
Stormy Sea40
Silver Trench99
Meteor Cave20
Fiery Field30
Lightning Field30
Northwind Field30
Mt. Faraway40
Western Cave99
Northern Range25
Pitfall Valley25
Buried Relic99
Wish Cave99
Murky Cave20
Desert Region20
Southern Cavern50
Wyvern Hill30
Solar Cave20
Darknight Relic15
Grand Sea30
Waterfall Pond19
Joyous Tower99
Far-Off Sea75
Purity Forest99
Oddity Cave15
Remains Island20
Marvelous Sea20
Fantasy Strait30
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