Free Graphics

Welcome to the free graphics page! All of the graphics on this page are for your use, but please be courteous and follow a few rules:

  • Please do not redistribute any of these or use them to make your own free graphics.
  • Please do not claim to have made these graphics yourself.
  • Please upload these images to your own server before you use them.

Most of the images in the avatars are from the Sugimori art. Some avatars are made with art from the Pokémon card scans at Poké Some images were drawn by Arkeis.

The brushes used in these images are from these three places.


Link Buttons


To use these, simply save it to your computer, go to this site, upload your icon, and then upload the .ico file to your website server. Then place the following code between the head tags on your website: (The generator automatically names the file favicon.ico, so you shouldn't have to change it.)

Disclaimer and Credits

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